Bepanthol® face cream for dry skin
Bepanthol® face cream for dry skin

Bepanthol® face cream for dry skin

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  • For the care of normal to dry skin


Face cream in the jar cares for dry facial skin

The benefits of Bepanthol® face cream

  • developed for dry facial skin
  • provides long-lasting moisture

also suitable as a base for make-up

So that the facial skin remains supple and moisturized, it is important to care for it properly every day.

The Bepanthol® face cream supports exactly this: It provides the skin with sufficient moisture and helps the facial skin to regenerate.

The additional advantage: Bepanthol® face cream is also suitable as the basis for your make-up.

Bepanthol® face cream: Provides long-lasting moisture
It is unprotected against wind and weather: the skin on the face. In contrast to most other parts of the body, it remains uncovered even in the stormiest, coldest weather.

And that's not all: Even at home and at work, the sensitive facial skin is exposed to some influences that can affect it. Stress, pollutants in the ambient air, air conditioning systems etc. attack the skin protection barrier - and thus promote the development of dry and stressed skin .

The Bepanthol® face cream cares for the stressed skin on the face every day and helps to reduce the consequences of negative factors that can dry it out or further strain it. The cream supports the damaged skin protection barrier twice:

  • The skin is immediately supplied with much-needed moisture .
  • By stabilizing the skin protection barrier, less moisture is lost to the skin.

In this way, the Bepanthol® face cream helps that the irritated skin can recover and rebuild itself. The cream is available in a 50 milliliter jar .

The correct application of the Bepanthol® face cream is crucial so that it can achieve its full care effect.

Therefore, start with a gentle cleansing of the facial skin. Then apply the cream evenly to the face, neck and décolleté .

Bepanthol® does not leave an unpleasant greasy film, but is quickly absorbed. Repeat the process every morning and evening.

Already knew? Bepanthol® face cream is also suitable as a base for your make-up .

The ingredients of the Bepanthol® face cream In
order for the face skin to be noticeably more tender and the surface structure of the skin to be improved, the most important thing is proper care. The Bepanthol® face cream therefore has the following ingredients:

  • Dexpanthenol for the supply of moisture and to support the skin metabolism and the formation of new cells
  • the skin's own lipids to stabilize the skin's protective barrier
  • Madecassoside (vegetable material from the tiger grass) and other natural moisturizing factors
  • Vitamin B3 to increase the fat production of the skin
  • Vitamin E to protect against skin aging caused by environmental influences

Would you like to try out the moisturizer? Order it here!

Please apply the  Bepanthol®  face cream evenly to the face, neck and décolleté in the morning and evening. The cream is also suitable as a make-up pad.

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