Original PowerCubes (1202RD) of allocacoc
Original PowerCubes (1202RD) of allocacoc

Original PowerCubes (1202RD) of allocacoc

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item number:300429
brand: allocacoc
Product weight 240 g
product dimensions 12 x 8 x 8 cm
colour : red

Charger 2.1-2 USB for iPad, iPhone and iPod, with four additional sockets in a smart cube design that eliminates the overlap. Has a desk-mount smart. Interlinking of units possible up to max. Load of 3500 W (about 16 A).

  • Red Dot Design Award 2014: Travel adapter and multiple socket to complement the Allocacoc power strips with 4 sockets and 2 USB ports, which are arranged without overlapping. Also suitable for supplementing Allocacoc power strips.
  • Perfect when traveling: USB charging port charges 2 devices at the same time !, including iPhone, iPod and iPad, 5V, 2.1A charging current (for both ports together)
  • This product according to Schuko standard is for export to AT, BZH, BUL, CV, ES, GR, HR, HU, IS, LV, LU, N, NL, MN, PT, RO, RU, SE, TR, Serbia and SF.
  • Safety note: During use, it must be ensured that this product is loaded by connected cables and devices with a maximum weight of 250 g.
  • Maximum load: 3500 W (16A). Note that this is the maximum load for all devices in the chain for multi-port daisy-chained. Depending on the fuse of the wall socket, the value may also be lower (eg 10A)!
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