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Primal Sweet
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  • 500g high-quality sugar substitute with valuable ribose
  • Gives you the natural sweetness from the best of nature
  • Natural sweetness for your drinks and desserts
  • Replaces table sugar and has 45% fewer calories
  • And best of all: remineralize your teeth

Unique formula with ribose - unique taste without chemicals

Maybe you are already comparing prices in your head and wondering why our price of 19.99) for a sugar substitute is higher than that of other manufacturers. We want to give you our arguments why Primal Sweet is definitely worth the money:

  1. First of all, our Primal Sweet is unique in this form: no other combines erythritol, xylitol and ribose in one product.
  2. Ribose is also that special something! As an essential building block in the body, it is an important part of energy production (ATP). As a single product, prices of approx. € 20 per 100 g are called up. A can of Primal Sweet contains 78 g of Ribose!
  3. Of course you will get your usual Primal quality from us. For this reason, we source the raw materials for Primal Sweet exclusively from Germany, while other manufacturers import cheaply from China.

A natural sugar substitute with ribose? Is that possible?

Is the taste like sugar?

Since it's a sugar substitute, it doesn't taste 100% like sugar. However, many of our customers find that it tastes 99% like sugar with a slightly sweet, fruity note. 

Can I bake with it?

The sugar substitute is very suitable for baking. Occasionally the xylitol, erytrhite and ribose may become a little granular. We therefore recommend shaking the can vigorously before each use. If you have a mixer in your kitchen, you can also grind the crystals into an even finer powder, which will result in even better baking properties.

Where do the carbohydrates come from?

Many of our customers have been surprised that the sugar substitute still contains quite a lot of carbohydrates. We want to be very transparent with it. Primal Sweet contains carbohydrates, but these are hardly or not metabolized by the body. The erythritol contained in the sugar substitute, for example, the body cannot metabolize and excretes it, so you get the full sweetness but only a very slight effect on your blood sugar, i.e. no sugar crash!

Is the consistency like that of sugar?

The consistency and spreadability of the sugar substitute is like that of sugar. From time to time it can happen that small crumbs can be found in a sweet. These are formed due to the ambient humidity and the fine ribose. That is why we recommend keeping it absolutely dry and dark. Should it still not be so pourable, just shake it well!

How long does a can last? 

Each can of Primal Sweet contains 500g of sugar substitute. Of course, you only need 1-2 tsp for a tea or coffee. However, if you want to bake, you need a little more.

Does Sweet taste like Stevia?

Primal Sweet doesn't taste like stevia because it doesn't contain stevia or other bitter sweeteners. We completely do without stevia because the plant can taste slightly bitter at higher doses. With the unique mixture of erythritol, xylitol and ribose, Primal Sweet creates an almost sugar-identical taste that is second to none.
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