Buying on is so easy.

  • You can download our Mobile app, for Android phone you can log-in to Google Play and search for "e-bai3"  Andriod .

  • For iPhone users, you can log-in to Apple Store and search for "e-bai3"  iPhone 


How to Buy from e-bai3

You just need to navigate through the categories or by typing the keyword of the product you are looking for in the search Bar. 

The following steps summaries the process of your order 

1- Navigate or search for the product you are looking for and click over it 

e-bai3 search engine will pull up all products related to your search terms. 



2- Click over " Add to Cart" Add it to the cart. 





3-  Click over "Proceed to Checkout', if this is the only item you want to buy; if not click over “Continue Shopping”


4-  If you are not registered then you need to register for a new account only one time. Click over "Register a New Account". If you are already a member just “Sign In” with your email and password.


5-  Click Over “Basket” and select “Checkout”


6-  Fill in your address information and click "Continue" 


7- Select the Shipping Method and click "Continue" 


8- Select your Payment Method ( Fill in your Credit Card details ) and Place your order by clicking over "Place Order" 




After you placed the order and within after few seconds will get an email from e-bai3 with an invoice and all details of your order.


If you need any help please contact us using or text us in WhatsApp: +49 177 9663 674