Aiboria Coffee Cup Warmer, 10W Smart Touch Screen Drink Warmer with Automatic Shut-Off Gravity Induction for Desk and Household, 3 Adjustable Temperature Settings (White+Black)

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  • 【3 levels of adjustable temperature settings】The Aiboria Smart Coffee Mug Warmer sets 3 temperature modes that allow the heating surface to reach 158 ℉, 194 ℉ and 230 ℉ to heat different drinks. You just need to click the one-touch button to change the layers. Please note that it can only be used to keep drinks warm but can not heat cool drinks effectively.
  • 【Gravity Induction with Automatic Shut-Off】When you pick up the cup, the daffodil drink warmer stops heating until you put the cup off. If you do it wrong, it will not heat up without turning on the cup. With this design, we significantly improve the safety of the device used. The minimum induction value is 5.3 ounces.
  • 【Superior safety】The Aiboria Smart Coffee Mug Warmer chooses the glass as a heating surface of our device. In addition to easy cleaning, Narcissus cup warmers with the waterproof function in the meantime. This construction avoids problems if we accidentally spill the liquids.
  • 【Cups with Tips】Due to the difference between all types of cups, heat transfer is affected. For a better experience, we recommend using a flat and thin bottom cup instead of a concave bottom. If you put a lid over the cup, the heat is also preserved.
  • 【NOTE BEFORE USE】Please use this device with a rated power of 5V = 2A, otherwise it may not generate enough heat to heat drinks. Our package does not include a 2A plug. Please do not use the device with a computer USB port or pad USB port, as the USB port is only 1A.