Ell-cranell Solution Ell-Cranell 250 Mikrogramm/ml (100 ml) G enetic hair loss for Women and Men Made in Germany

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Do you suffer from genetic hair loss? This is where Ell-Cranell helps! The medicinal scalp tonic contains the active ingredient alfatradiol, which ensures that less of the messenger substance dihydrotestosterone is produced directly on the hypersensitive hair root, which makes the hair grow thinner and softer in those affected, so that it ultimately falls out prematurely. Ell-Cranell strengthens the scalp and helps to achieve more beautiful and thicker hair.

Ell-Cranell 250 micrograms / ml against hereditary hair loss First the hair becomes increasingly thinner, then more and more of it falls out, until finally bald spots can be seen. The causes for this hair loss can be many - just as different are the countermeasures. If it is genetic, you can tackle the problem with Ell-Cranell's solution with alfatradiol at the root.

Information of the Product : 

Ell-Cranell with alfatradiol: How the active ingredient combats hair loss
In men in particular, hair loss is hereditary in the majority of cases, but women can also be affected by this type of genetic hair loss. In this type of hair loss, the hair roots are sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. This endogenous messenger substance shortens the growth phases of the hair so that regrowing hair is thinner and thinner and those affected lose it prematurely.

And this is exactly where Ell-Cranell 250 micrograms / ml solution works: the active ingredient alfatradiol inhibits testosterone 5-alpha reductase and thus reduces the conversion of testosterone into DHT. With regular use, the DHT effect, which is so damaging to the hair roots, is reduced and as a result more and thicker hair grows back.
As a remedy against hair selection, Ell-Cranell with alfatradiol has proven itself because it acts directly on the hair root from the outside and does not interfere with the metabolism - this makes the drug well tolerated. A bottle of the 100 ml solution also contains 250 micrograms of alfatradiol per milliliter.

Ell-Cranell: Tips for use and dosage
If you decide to buy Ell-Cranell solution 250 micrograms / ml to fight your hereditary hair loss, you have to keep one thing in mind: You can only see visible results with regular treatment. Thanks to the uncomplicated application, this is not a problem, because the product is designed for daily use.

Apply the solution directly to the affected areas of your scalp once a day with the patented applicator. Your hair will neither be soaked nor look greasy after use. If your hair loss improves, you can reduce the dosage and only apply the solution to the scalp every second to third day.

Do you suffer from hair loss and are you sure that this is the genetic form? At www.apodiscounter.de you can buy Ell-Cranell 250 micrograms / ml online and save money. If you order Ell-Cranell in larger quantities, you benefit from particularly high discounts. We look forward to your order!

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